Sailing Documents

RGYC 2018 Winter Series

Winter Wednesdays Series Change to the Racing Schedule 19-07-2018

Davidsons Alpha Course Winter Series

Etchells Course Winter Series

Deakin University Off The Beach Winter Series

Winter Wednesday Mini-Series


Australian Sailing Rule Book

RRS 2017-2020 (Blue Book)

Appendix S (Standard Sailing Instructions)

RGYC Risk assessment


Alpha Course

Alpha Course NOR 2017-18

Alpha Course Supplementary Sailing Instructions 2017-18 (Re-issue 5/10/17) 

Change to Alpha Course Sailing Instructions No.1

Portarlington Race Supplemenary Sailing instructions (10/11/2017)

Change to Sailing Instructions No.2 – New for Coordinates CB marks (17/11/2017)

Change to Racing Schedule No.2-Revised schedule 10th & 17th Feb 2018 (issued 18/1/18)

Special_Course_17th March 2018_Glover_Cup-Final (updated 15/03/18)
Autumn Twilight Mini Series


Other Alpha Course Documents

Memo to Skippers regarding Statutory and Club Safety Requirements (issued 15/3/2017)

Alpha Crew Declaration Topyacht – E-link 2017-18

Crew Declaration Online Help Guide 2017-18

Yacht Safe Safety Audit Online Help Guide

AS Safety Category Requirements Cat1-7 (Yacht Safe website)

Day pass


Off the Beach (Bravo) Course

Bravo Course NOR 2017-18

Bravo Course Sailing Instructions 2017-18

Bravo Course change to Sailing Instructions No.1

Bravo Course Change to the Sailing Schedule No 1 (29/3/2018)


Other Off the Beach (Bravo) Course Documents

OTB Club Boat Hire Agreement

OTB Safety Equipment Checklist

OTB Casual Entry Form


Women’s Pacer Trophy Series (WPTS)

WPTS NOR 2017-18

WPTS 2017-18 Sailing Instructions

WPTS Change NO 1 – Change to shedule of Racing (issued 22/11/2017)