OTB Regatta Race Entrants for 19/11/2011

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Division 1 Entrants Start : 12:00
Sail No Boat Name Class First Name Last Name From
644 RON JEREMY 14ftSkiff Chris Vaughan SYC
1741 SPLASH MosquitoCat Lachie Stephens RGYC
1774 NO TURBULENCE MosquitoCat Ross Bennett RGYC
12778 UXB Fireball Tony Heath WYC
13698 STANDARD DEVIATION Fireball Calum Butler RGYC
14414 OUTBACK DINGOS Fireball Glenn Peverell FYC
14650 MRS PALMER Fireball Don Allen WYC
15027 THE GREY GHOST Fireball Phil Peverell FYC
15048 NOT YOUR AVERAGE ROC Fireball Heather Macfarlane BRYC
15049 SCATTER GUN Fireball Nick Gunner WYC
AUS645 RAY AND THE CRAZY 88 14ftSkiff Anthony Anderson BRYC

Division 2 Entrants Start : 12:05
Sail No Boat Name Class First Name Last Name From
9 ZINC WARRIOR Laser Manfred Herzer IHYC
580 DADDYS BOAT ImpulseFull Roger Kennett PSC
2760 MAYBE Tasar Lucy Townson RGYC
2800 SHEEPSTATIONS Tasar Jonathan Ross MCCYC
49081 VITESSE 420 Andrew Grant BYC
123310 GOOD ONE Laser David Goodfellow RGYC
181977 IMPEARL Laser4.7 Ruby Altermatt RYCV
AUS1583 FLY-BY-WIRE Contender Andrew Butler RGYC
AUS2207 ON THE EDGE Contender Christopher Jones RGYC
VISA1 MINIMUS ImpulseMini Harrison Mann PSC

Division 3 Entrants Start : 12:10
Sail No Boat Name Class First Name Last Name From
4109 SNAKEBITE CadetInternational William Townson RGYC
4118 SKEETA CadetInternational Oliver Friend RGYC
5509 SAMARAN CadetInternational Julian Sasson SYC
5637 VAMOOSE CadetInternational Charlie Rae SYC
5661 REBEL TWO CadetInternational Will Newman RGYC
5663 REDPATH CadetInternational Georgia Randall RGYC
5715 Swiftsure CadetInternational Jack Thornton RGYC
5741 HOT PURSUIT CadetInternational Alexander Gregory RGYC
5752 IMP CadetInternational Aimee Altermatt RGYC
5757 STRIKER CadetInternational Dylan Rohan SYC
8931 MIDNIGHT MAGIC CadetInternational Charlie Friend RGYC
9280 UNFINISHED BUSINESS CadetInternational Alice Endersbee SYC
9523 BROTHERS IN ARMS CadetInternational Darcy Baranowski RGYC
9526 HYPER HYPER CadetInternational Ashley Cavanagh SYC
9528 ODYSSEY CadetInternational Jarad Cavanagh SYC
9529 INSAYNE CadetInternational Jacob Freeman SYC
9559 RESISTANCE CadetInternational Oliver Manton RGYC
9612 DIRTY HARRY CadetInternational Angus Rae SYC
9614 TEMPEST CadetInternational Olivia Neilson RGYC
9616 CHECKMATE CadetInternational Thomas Alexander RGYC
9628 IT'S PINK! CadetInternational Emily Goodfellow RGYC
9629 WHITE MISSILE CadetInternational Nicola Armstrong RGYC
9698 WILDCARD CadetInternational Liam Robinson RGYC
9777 X-T-SEA CadetInternational Billy Goodfellow RGYC
9821 SIBERIAN TIGER CadetInternational Sam Stephens RGYC
9822 GOODNESS GRACIOUS CadetInternational Grace Endersbee SYC
9823 LEAP FROG CadetInternational Lucy Stephens RGYC
AUS5742 PANDEMIC CadetInternational Riley Mulgrew RGYC

Division 7 Entrants Start : 12:10
Sail No Boat Name Class First Name Last Name From
AUS43 Tacobill 29er William Sheers  

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