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Wednesday Twilight Post-Christmas

Hosted By Royal Geelong Yacht Club

Race 2   (15/02/2017)  Victorian Regional Channels

Updated:  5/03/2017  9:38:47 PM

Division 1 PURHC results Start : 18:00
Place Sail No Boat Name Skipper
1 G388 KAVALA Dave Ruffin
2 G473 FREESTYLE 1 Paul Anderson
3 G77 BAD INFLUENCE M Bakker J Wolff
5 G32 SUNDANCING Ian Robottom
6 G6525 THE USUAL SUSPECTS Daryl Speakman
7 G328 VALIANT Gerard O Brien
8 G99 HAPPY HOUR Brendon Lee
9 G5901 SPIRIT OF RANI Phillip Francis
10 G1111 LARRIKEN 2 Darren Pickering
11 G5906 GENTLEMENS' RELISH John Mackay
12 G16 BUNDABERG John Kint
13 G379 BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Gavin Wright
14 G1 SPIRIT Dale Robertson
15 G5038 CINQUANTE Iain Murray
16 G411 SUELAN Stuart Pyers

Division 2 PURHC results Start : 18:00
Place Sail No Boat Name Skipper
1 G174 DIAMOND BELLE Jonathan Apted
2 G94 DUCO MAGIC BLING Paul Gunner
3 G120 BALTIC Peter Bone
4 G18 THE UGLY UNCLES Geoff Newman
5 G1125 FLEURIEU WARRIOR Trevor Brown
6 G3943 SCHNELL Christian Cantwell
7 G63 MARAID Peter Gillett
8 G21 PATTERNMAKER Stuart Dickson
9 G133 6 FOOT 10 Geoff Baum
10 G239 TARA William Ivens
11 G122 BANSHEE Eddie Becker
12 G92 PANACHE Michael Melican
13 G1256 TIME OUT Will Snell
14 G360 ELIXIR Chris Williams
15 1196 CRACKED Cameron Dixon
16 G23 CARDINAL PUFF Jeremy Capon
17 G380 MANTA Hal Braley
18 G10 BAJARYN Greg Chalmers
19 G296 INCH BY INCH Peter Zwagerman
OCS G310 JOAN D'ARC Douglas Gaylard
RET G181 FANTA PANTS Aaron Marlow

Results by : TopYacht Software

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