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Wednesday Twilight Post-Christmas

Hosted By Royal Geelong Yacht Club

Race 5   (2/03/2016)  Victorian Regional Channels

Updated:  13/03/2016  10:00:32 AM

Division 1 PURHC results Start : 18:00
Place Sail No Boat Name Elapsd AHC Cor'd T BCH Skipper Fin Tim
ABN AUS5585 LOCAL MOCEAN   1.064     Steven Richardson  
ABN G1 SPIRIT   0.912     Dale Robertson  
ABN G3 CELESTE   0.928     Malcolm Eaton  
ABN G9 FRENCH CONNECTION   0.909     Brian Marshman  
ABN G14 BALANCE   0.935     Chris Manton  
ABN G32 SUNDANCING   0.899     Ian Robottom  
ABN G37 SNOWBIRD   0.810     Terry Reichl  
ABN G55 FREELOADER   0.862     Ian Begley  
ABN G77 BAD INFLUENCE   0.907     Bakker Wolff  
ABN G99 HAPPY HOUR   0.814     Brendon Lee  
ABN G045 REAL LIFE   0.858     Dan Field  
ABN G108 POCO LOCO   0.980     Cam Rae  
ABN G121 CONCORDIA   0.960     Roy Nicholson  
ABN G126 REVERIE   0.885     Ian Hunter  
ABN G138 PHOENIX   0.978     B & J Carnell  
ABN G328 VALIANT   0.890     Gerard O Brien  
ABN G338 CASTILLE   0.900     Richard Lowe  
ABN G385 FELICITY J   0.820     Gary Houghton  
ABN G388 KAVALA   1.085     Dave Ruffin  
ABN G411 SUELAN   0.865     Stuart Pyers  
ABN G473 FREESTYLE 1   0.838     Paul Anderson  
ABN G477 OCEAN SKINS   0.940     Anthony Fowler  
ABN G601 FABULOUS ACTION   0.906     Jonathan Apted  
ABN G1111 SIXFOOTSIX LARRIKEN2   0.898     Darren Pickering  
ABN G1166 DEJA VU   0.825     Bill Lodge  
ABN G1501 SMOKE ON THE WATER   0.869     Andrew Roche  
ABN G5038 CINQUANTE   0.985     Iain Murray  
ABN G5225 MIRACLE MILE   0.876     Jono/Locky McLean/Ha  
ABN G5901 SPIRIT OF RANI   0.896     Phillip Francis  
ABN G5906 GENTLEMENS' RELISH   0.911     John Mackay  
ABN G6525 THE USUAL SUSPECTS   0.877     Daryl Speakman  
ABN G6865 ALLORA   0.807     Paul Smedley  
ABN G7007 GREAT ESCAPE   0.999     Go Go Go Go  
ABN G4646R EXTASEA   1.083     Paul Buchholz  
ABN SW125018 SEA TWIST   0.878     Peter Barrett  

Division 2 PURHC results Start : 18:00
Place Sail No Boat Name Elapsd AHC Cor'd T BCH Skipper Fin Tim
ABN 823 BARADINE   0.705     Mick Pedrie  
ABN 1196 CRACKED   0.698     Cameron Dixon  
ABN 1224 THUNDERDOWNUNDER   0.730     Lucy Townson  
ABN 1256 TIME OUT   0.749     Lovro Ljubanovic  
ABN G10 BAJARYN   0.714     Greg Chalmers  
ABN G15 MURPHYS LAW   0.686     Harry Farnell  
ABN G21 PATTERNMAKER   0.717     Stuart Dickson  
ABN G29 BLUE LADY   0.707     Roger Ganly  
ABN G30 MAATSUYKER   0.648     Bill Newman  
ABN G63 MARAID   0.746     Peter Gillett  
ABN G78 URGENCE   0.740     John Stickland  
ABN G79 SEA BREEZE   0.742     Jeremy Capon  
ABN G92 PANACHE   0.743     Michael Melican  
ABN G94 DUCO MAGIC BLING   0.782     Paul Gunner  
ABN G120 BALTIC   0.772     Peter Bone  
ABN G122 BANSHEE   0.685     Eddie Becker  
ABN G133 6 FOOT 10   0.785     Geoff Baum  
ABN G163 DRY REACH   0.752     Dale Laurie  
ABN G209 MAVERICK   0.707     Bill Lodge  
ABN G239 TARA   0.661     William Ivens  
ABN G296 INCH BY INCH   0.600     Peter Zwagerman  
ABN G310 JOAN D'ARC   0.758     Douglas Gaylard  
ABN G351 INSPIRATION   0.766     Peter Cameron  
ABN G360 ELIXIR   0.691     Chris Williams  
ABN G380 MANTA   0.766     Hal Braley  
ABN G507 SAPPHIRE OF LONDON   0.734     Grant Stquentin  
ABN G537 LUPA WYLO   0.724     Geoff Sadler  
ABN G571 FLYING CIRCUS   0.740     Kim Clarke  
ABN G747 MAGIC   0.702     Steve Hassell  
ABN G750 SOUTHERN SPREE   0.627     James Prascevic  
ABN G1125 FLEURIEU WARRIOR   0.789     Trevor Brown  
ABN G2269 TWO FARR   0.783     Will Baum  
ABN G3943 SCHNELL   0.723     Christian Cantwell  
ABN G5352 BUCK   0.821     Gary Foley  

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