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Saturday Aggregate

Hosted By Royal Geelong Yacht Club

Updated:  13/02/2014  10:25:43 PM

Division 1 Entrants Start : 13:30
Boat Name Sail No First Name Last Name PHS
VITESSE AUS710 Scott Farrimond 0.844
LOCAL MOCEAN AUS5585 Steven Richardson 1.003
SPIRIT G1 Dale Robertson 0.865
FREELOADER G55 Ian Begley 0.905
FUZZY LOGIC G69 Stephen Dawes 0.944
REVERIE G126 Ian Hunter 0.820
PHOENIX G138 B & J Carnell 0.986
VALIANT G328 Gerard Obrien 0.870
KAVALA G388 Dave Ruffin 1.400
BOUNDARY RIDER G434 Kim Clarke 0.920
FABULOUS ACTION G601 Jonathan Apted 0.856
JUNO G621 Kym Murphy 0.883
SIXFOOTSIX LARRIKEN2 G1111 Darren Pickering 0.871
SMOKE ON THE WATER G1501 Andrew Roche 0.865
PHANTOM G3501 Robert Sutherland 0.872
CINQUANTE G5038 Iain Murray 1.001
EXTASEA G4646R Paul Buchholz 1.022

Division 2 Entrants Start : 13:40
Boat Name Sail No First Name Last Name PHS
TWIST-N-SHOUT 25 Casey Slater 0.851
BARADINE 823 Michael Pedri 0.705
CATALYST 1218 Cameron Dixon 0.674
URGENCE G78 John Stickland 0.710
REDSTICK REVOLUTION G80 Peter Stephens 0.750
DUCO MAGIC BLING G94 Paul Gunner 0.734
6 FOOT 10 G133 Geoff Baum 0.744
DRY REACH G163 Dale Laurie 0.695
MAVERICK G209 Bill Lodge 0.699
FREESTYLE 1 G473 Paul Anderson 0.805
FLYING CIRCUS G571 David Collins 0.764
FLEURIEU WARRIOR G1125 Trevor Brown 0.710
TIME OUT G1256 Lovro Ljubanovic 0.696
4WINDS MARINE RACING G5352 Stirling Parker 0.814
SPIRIT OF RANI G5901 Phil Francis 0.834
GENTLEMENS' RELISH G5906 John Mackay 0.821
THE USUAL SUSPECTS G6525 Daryl Speakman 0.814

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