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Corio Cruisers Aggregate Series

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Sailed on 10/11/2012
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PHS results Start : 13:20
Place Sail No Boat Name Elapsd AHC Cor'd T BCH Skipper Fin Tim ETOrd CHC Vis
ABN G5 VIVACITE   0.873     C Roger McLennan        
ABN G9 FRENCH CONNECTION   0.831     Brian Marshman        
ABN G16 BUNDABERG   0.970     John Kint        
ABN G30 MAATSUYKER   0.645     William Newman        
ABN G37 SNOWBIRD   0.772     Terry Reichl        
ABN G60 THE BOOKIE   0.742     John Garner       Yes
ABN G120 BALTIC   0.776     Peter Bone        
ABN G222 BRAVEHEART   0.717     Jack Engwerda        
ABN G260 ELEGANCE   0.725     Adam Cartwright        
ABN SM371 ATTUNGA   0.820     Michael Briese        

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