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Wednesday Twilight Races,

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Sailed on 15-Feb-12
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Division 1 PURHC results Start : 18:00
Place Sail No Boat Name AHC Skipper Elapsd BCH Fin Tim
1 G5038 CINQUANTE 0.993 Ian Murray 01:30:54 0.993 19:46:54
2 G5901 SPIRIT OF RANI 0.877 Ian Robottom 01:44:49 0.861 19:52:49
DNF G6 BLUE EAGLE 0.780 Tom Woodlock      
DNF 8710 AKATEA 1.020 Ian Holten      
DNF G621 JUNO 0.898 Brian Williamson      
DNF G5906 GENTLEMENS' RELISH 0.825 John Mackay      
DNF G601 FABULOUS ACTION 0.904 Jonathan Apted      
DNF G9 FRENCH CONNECTION 0.901 Brian Marshman      
DNF G21 PATTERNMAKER 0.820 Stuart Dickson      
DNF G3 GOMEZ 0.852 Malcolm Eaton      
DNF G60 THE BOOKIE 0.827 John Garner      
DNF G328 VALIANT 0.924 Gerard O\'Brien      
DNF G550 PANACEA 0.793 Daniel Field      
DNF G12 GREAT OCEAN 0.818 Tony Hobba      
DNF G351 INSPIRATION 0.811 Peter Cameron      
DNF G37 SNOWBIRD 0.813 Terry Reichl      
DNF G77 BAD INFLUENCE 0.896 Bakker Wolff      
DNF G901 BARLOVENTO 0.845 Chris McLean      
DNF G379 BOMBAY SAPPHIRE 0.827 Gavin Wright      
DNF G16 BUNDABERG 1.030 John Kint      
DNF 8118 CITY LIMITS 0.879 Richard Ince      
DNF G4646R EXTASEA 1.071 Paul Buchholz      
DNF G55 FREELOADER 0.902 Ian Begley      
DNF G473 FREESTYLE 1 0.815 Paul Anderson      
DNF G2002 LEETO 0.850 Kevin Bell      
DNF G445 LOCAL BUOYS 0.906 Trevor Richardson      
DNF G2377 OCEAN ROAD 0.843 Russell Gray      
DNF G477 OCEAN SKINS 0.990 Anthony Fowler      
DNF G3501 PHANTOM 0.838 Robert Sutherland      
DNF G515 SAVANT 0.828 Francis Swain      
DNF G1 SPIRIT 0.893 Dale Robertson      
DNF G411 SUELAN 0.858 Stuart Pyers      

Division 2 PURHC results Start : 18:00
Place Sail No Boat Name AHC Skipper Elapsd BCH Fin Tim
DNF G276 BILLYCART 0.735 Jock Forbes      
DNF G79 SEABREEZE 0.681 Geoff Newman      
DNF G224 CHAMPION 0.608 Steve Williams      
DNF 296 INCH BY INCH 0.568 Peter Zwagerman      
DNF G1125 FLEURIEU WARRIOR 0.732 Trevor Brown      
DNF G133 6 FOOT 10 0.770 Geoff Baum      
DNF G505 ALCYON 0.675 David Pollitt      
DNF G122 BANSHEE 0.686 Eddie Becker      
DNF 823 BARADINE 0.695 Mick Pedri      
DNF G333 BLUE NOTE 0.667 Damien Charlton      
DNF 1218 CATALYST 0.684 Shannon Dixon      
DNF G260 ELEGANCE 0.713 Adam Cartwright      
DNF G8 EXILE 0.666 Leo Gold      
DNF G325 FRENCH KISS 0.708 Greg Donald      
DNF 5877 HYDRO THERAPY 0.748 Mike Trickey      
DNF G310 JOAN D'ARC 0.752 Douglas Gaylard      
DNF G70 KARMADAZE 0.589 Bryan Horniblow      
DNF G537 LUPA WYLO 0.684 Fabrizio Tassalini      
DNF G15 MURPHYS LAW 0.671 Harry Farnell      
DNF G341 NO RUSH 0.620 Peter Kirman      
DNF G92 PANACHE 0.757 Daryl Speakman      
DNF G239 TARA 0.635 Graeme Walker      
DNF G1259 WEREWOLF 0.720 Fraser Rudland      
DNF G27 WINDSWEPT 0.776 Ray Orr      
DNF G63 MARAID 0.742 Peter Gillett      

Issue date: 18-Feb-12 at 10:57:45

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