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Saturday Aggregate Series

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Sailed on 31/03/2012
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Division 1 YV results Start : 13:00
Place Sail No Boat Name Elapsd AHC Cor'd T BCH Skipper Fin Tim ETOrd CHC Vis
ABN 5585 EASY TIGER   1.055     Trevor Richardson        
ABN AUS7151 OPTIMUM   0.951     Steve Williamson        
ABN G1 SPIRIT   0.864     Dale Robertson        
ABN G3 GOMEZ   0.856     Malcolm Eaton        
ABN G5 VIVACITE   0.890     C Roger McLennan        
ABN G16 BUNDABERG   0.940     John Kint        
ABN G022 COOKOO'S NEST   0.973     Mal Eaton        
ABN G105 MCKENZIE COMPOSITES   0.923     Tony McKenzie        
ABN G108 MONKEY BUSINESS   0.922     Cam Rae        
ABN G328 VALIANT   0.875     Gerard O\'Brien        
ABN G338 CASTILLE   0.940     Richard Lowe        
ABN G434 BOUNDARY RIDER   0.926     Kim Clarke        
ABN G445 LOCAL BUOYS   0.888     Trevor Richardson        
ABN G477 OCEAN SKINS   0.931     Anthony Fowler        
ABN G601 FABULOUS ACTION   0.865     Jonathan Apted        
ABN G621 JUNO   0.908     Brian Williamson        
ABN G1111 SIXFOOTSIX LARRIKEN2   0.908     Scott Austin        
ABN G1501 SMOKE ON THE WATER   0.835     Andrew Roche        
ABN G3501 PHANTOM   0.950     Robert Sutherland        
ABN G4222 SWEET CHARIOT   0.862     Robert Umhauer        
ABN G5038 CINQUANTE   1.018     Ian Murray        
ABN G4646R EXTASEA   1.082     Paul Buchholz        

Division 2 YV results Start : 13:10
Place Sail No Boat Name Elapsd AHC Cor'd T BCH Skipper Fin Tim ETOrd CHC Vis
ABN 119 KAOS   0.807     Casey Slater        
ABN 823 BARADINE   0.700     Mick Pedri        
ABN 1218 CATALYST   0.681     Shannon Dixon        
ABN 5877 HYDRO THERAPY   0.739     Mike Trickey        
ABN 8118 CITY LIMITS   0.820     Richard Ince        
ABN AUS098 ESSENTIALLY CHICKEN   0.883     John Backwell        
ABN AUS710 VITESSE   0.876     Scott Farrimond        
ABN G6 BLUE EAGLE   0.771     Tom Woodlock        
ABN G30 MAATSUYKER   0.670     William Newman        
ABN G37 SNOWBIRD   0.784     Terry Reichl        
ABN G60 THE BOOKIE   0.731     John Garner        
ABN G77 BAD INFLUENCE   0.861     Bakker Wolff        
ABN G78 URGENCE   0.733     John Stickland        
ABN G79 SEABREEZE   0.710     Geoff Newman        
ABN G80 REDSTICK REVOLUTION   0.736     Peter Stephens        
ABN G92 PANACHE   0.770     Daryl Speakman        
ABN G94 DUCO MAGIC BLING   0.785     Paul Gunner       Yes
ABN G120 BALTIC   0.788     Peter Bone        
ABN G122 BANSHEE   0.703     Eddie Becker        
ABN G126 REVERIE   0.824     Reverie Syndicate        
ABN G133 6 FOOT 10   0.741     Geoff Baum        
ABN G209 MAVERICK   0.728     Bill Lodge        
ABN G222 BRAVEHEART   0.717     Jack Engwerda        
ABN G224 CHAMPION   0.638     Steve Williams        
ABN G260 ELEGANCE   0.736     Adam Cartwright        
ABN G276 BILLYCART   0.740     Jock Forbes        
ABN G312 LUCKY LADY   0.615     Ray Goodwin        
ABN G351 INSPIRATION   0.805     Peter Cameron        
ABN G505 ALCYON   0.580     David Pollitt        
ABN G537 LUPA WYLO   0.705     Fabrizio Tassalini        
ABN G571 FLYING CIRCUS   0.785     Don Collins        
ABN G1125 FLEURIEU WARRIOR   0.711     Trevor Brown        
ABN G1256 TIME OUT   0.679     Lovro Ljubanovic        
ABN G1259 WEREWOLF   0.750     Fraser Rudland        
ABN G2002 LEETO   0.878     Kevin Bell        
ABN G5352 4WINDS MARINE RACING   0.823     Stirling Parker        
ABN G5901 SPIRIT OF RANI   0.865     Ian Robottom        
ABN G5906 GENTLEMENS' RELISH   0.796     John Mackay        

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