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Corio Cruiser Series Series

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Sailed on 22/10/2011
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PHS results (Based on 4 Laps) Start : 13:00
Place Sail No Boat Name Elapsd AHC Cor'd T BCH Skipper Fin Tim ETOrd DidNot
1 G9 FRENCH CONNECTION 02:29:31 0.786 01:57:31 0.786 Brian Marshman 15:29:31 1  
2 G276 BILLYCART 03:02:29 0.740 02:15:02 0.644 Jock Forbes 16:02:29 2  
DNF 296 INCH BY INCH   0.670     Peter Zwagerman     DNF
DNF G360 ELIXIR   0.750     Chris Williams     DNF
TLE G30 MAATSUYKER   0.670     William Newman     TLE
TLE G60 THE BOOKIE   0.731     John Garner     TLE
TLE G120 BALTIC   0.788     Peter Bone     TLE
TLE G222 BRAVEHEART   0.714     Jack Engwerda     TLE
TLE G537 LUPA WYLO   0.705     Fabrizio Tassalini     TLE

Issue date: 27/10/2011 at 11:14:05

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