Tasar States Race Entrants for 9/03/2013

Generated on 7/03/2013 at 09:02:12
Sail No Boat Name First Name Last Name
2142 Shearwater Mark Tonner
2551 Magic Moments James Short
2642 Ze Shed Blaise Vinot
2769 The Antz Pantz Tony Creak
2788 Windfix Ross Martin
2789 Ice Cube Ian Scholes
2790 On Edge Kayne Binks
2796 Sirocco Phil Collins
2826 Aquaholic Chris Allen
2830 Oggy Wawa Stuart Templeton
2854 Water Rat Cary Pedicini
2856 Sheepstations Jon Ross
2857 Roll Your Own Craig McPhee
2858 Doppio Peter Hackett
2864 The Grey Ghost Wes Ward
2871 Ridgididge Paul Ridgeway
2883 SMAC Heather Mcfarlane
2891 Poms Away Peter Ellis
2905 Trace Aliment Alistair Murray
2910 Helter Skelter David Elmslie
2923 The Dark Side Michael Vandenberg
2924 Loddon Calling Chas Thompson

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